Solar power plants

Solar power plants Photovoltaics – inexhaustible energy from the sun. Solar PV plants means harvesting a lot of electricity out of the space available. Quiet, efficient and environmentally sound energy yields. Thanks to intelligent supporting mechanisms it is on the road to match competitive market prices. Solar energy means intelligent energy through

  • Building new decentralized and fair market structures
  • Generation of regional / local value added and jobs
  • Avoidance of expensive backup power plant operation for peak load electricity

Solar electricity (and energy) will be key to economic success for the community.

Large solar power plants are predestined to minimize solar electricity production costs. Besides large commercial buildings, which are often requesting light PV construction systems due to limited static reserves, much importance is therefore given to ground mounted systems.

Solar carports are combining client benefit and energy production (weather protection, electricity production e-mobility).

Own power requirement: additionally solar power can be attractive for own electricity supply to lower peak power purchase, reducing expensive Diesel power generation or creating isolated power grid solutions in rural areas, sometimes in synergy with other technologies like biogas or wind energy (hybrid systems). Battery storage systems serve to enlarge the usage period.