The multi - talent. Biogas, through fermentation of renewable or organic waste substances which can be stored in the medium run – or further refined to bio methane – it serves as stored sun energy, which can deliver a significant contribution to basic energy supply while producing heat and power in a combined process (CHP). It is quite often the prime element for economically sustainable district energy concepts for communities and associations.

In developing suitable sites it is crucial to match long term available subtrate feeds and efficient using of the energy produced by delivering heat and power. Speaking of combined heat and power unit (motor type) systems the usage of heat is important. Alternatively micro gas turbines are most interesting if the energy process is driven by heat demand or high temperature or steam is required. Biogas processes must be dimensioned carefully and equipped with the appropriate technology to work efficiently and at low cost.

In some cases it is favourable to transport the biogas produced by pipes to the heat demand site to limit heat loss (satellite CHP).